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    Understanding Google Power Meter and Review

    I’ve lived in more than one frat house during my time in College, and trust me, the elcectricity bill was high due to constant partiers at all times of the night. But now that I own my place, I was shocked to be slapped with a $200+ utility bill.

    Upset, I decided to use Google Power Meter to help solve this issue. While I’m still figuring out what is going on day per day, I decided to document some of what I found.

    Recently San Diego has decided that every home in the county will be installed with a smart meter. If your in San Diego and your curious if you have one, here is the link to check: http://www.sdge.com/myaccount/energynetwork/

    My house recently got one, so I linked my SDG&E account with Google Power Meter and went onto http://www.google.com/powermeter

    It graphs day to day power usage about 2 days behind your actual date.

    I started on Tuesday, so far I have two dates of info.

    Generally this is how power companies work:

    You get a baseline (TIER 1) which is relatively cheap power. If you exceed the alloted amount, they charge you a slightly more expensive rate at Tier 2. If you exceed that they double what they charge at Tier 3. If you use that much, than its basically open season at Tier 4.

    Tier 1 - 300 kw available at approximately $.07/kw

    Tier 2 - 100 kw available at approximately $.10/kw

    Tier 3 - 200 kw available at approximately $.20/kw

    Tier 4 - however much you use at about $.22/kw

    So basically your power bill will be pretty affordable if you stick under 400kw which is about 13kw per day. Currently we are using on average about 15kw which is 450kw per month, smack dab in Tier 3 territory…

    I’ve also heard you can negotiate with your power company to charge you more for peak hours and less for non peak hours, meaning you pay less per kw after 7PM and more during the 7AM-7PM range. If thats the case then that might not be a bad idea since seeing my household usage peaks normally at night. 

    The huge ass spike from 1-4PM I hope is an anomaly. If no one in the house can explain that spike than I wonder if my neighbor is jacking my power from an outdoor outlet…

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